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about us

Situated in amongst the tech giants of Silicon Valley, Eneron dba Turbo Pot is a small innovative foodservice technology company. We, the founders of Eneron, have participated in the energy and excitement of the Valley as we designed and created devices ranging from fiber optic components deployed in major telecom systems to the key laser crystals powering a laser iMax theater on Hollywood Boulevard.  In the process we discovered gas cooktops perform at low efficiency, and that discovery changed the course of our product development to concentrate on energy efficiency in the kitchen.

The first product we introduced was the Turbo Pot™. Its innovative technology was based on a heat sink located at its base to improve heat transfer. The concept was verified by the PG&E Foodservice Technology Center (FSTC), which found Turbo Pots heat up 30-50% faster than conventional cookware.  The FSTC suggested we offer Turbo Pots to the foodservice industry to improve energy efficiency in commercial cooking. That decision led to the founding of Eneron.  After a few years of product and market development, Turbo Pots were successfully introduced to several restaurant chains, including the Cheesecake Factory, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and Panda Express to name a few.  Restaurants use Turbo Pots to cook faster, improve productivity, reduce energy use, and enhance their bottom line.  Professional chefs love the speed and even heating of the Turbo Pots.  Now we also try to bring the Turbo Pot to home chefs like you.

Our mission is to bring the Turbo Pot efficiency to every corner in the world. Thank you for your support in this long journey.


Turbo Pot is an all new high-quality cookware that heats up twice as fast as regular cookware - allowing you to save time, reduce your gas bill and preserve more nutrients in the food you cook.

The Turbo Pot is the winner of the prestigious Kitchen Innovation Award 2009 from the National Restaurant Assocciation.