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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the fins for?

Sometime you see similar fins on some motor cycle engines, where the fins increase the surface area of the engine block to cool the engine efficiently, the fins on the base of the cookware improve the heat transfer to heat up the pot efficiently. Same proven working principle. If you have a gas stove at home, Turbo Pot is a must for you.

2. How to use this kind of pots?

Just use them as normally you use your pots and pans,  you can have better control of the heat the the dial than normal pots and pans.  At high power burner setting you can heat up faster by 30%, and you feel like cooking with professional grade burners. This is how the Cheesecake Factory is using the pans to reduce ticket time to cater more customers. 

When cooking stew or thick soup with Turbo Pot, you will like to stire more frequently than you do on normal pot. or you can dim down the burner to cook in your normal pace saving energy along the way.  Carrabba's Italian Grill and other restaurant reduce the burner to save energy use. 

3. Why cooking with Turbo Pot is healthy?

Two aspects of Turbo Pot cooking is healthy.  First, when in the winter time coming, doors and windows are closed all days long, cooking using Turbo Pots reduces 30% energy use and combustion waste into the indoor air.  Accumulated better air quality for whole winter will definitively be healthy.    Second healthy consideration is that when cooking with a hotter pan, the vegetable can be cooked quicker, and the nutrients can be retained better, therefore a healther meal. 

4. Will the fins be difficult to clean?

The fin pattern does give you an impression that it might be difficult to clean.  In reality, there is not real issue in term of cleaning.  Spills from cooking will drip down the side to the burner or counter top, the spill won't go in between fins.    Besides Turbo Pots are dishwasher safe.

5. Is the Turbo Pot oven safe?

Turbo pots are oven safe up to 500F, and the glass lid of the home version Turbo Pots will be oven save up to 300F.

6. What materials is the Turbo Pot made of?

Turbo pots are made of 304 stainless steel, and the fins on the base is made of aluminum. Fry pans are made of aluminum with stainless handles.  

7. What material is the non-stick coating?

The non stick coating of Turbo Pan is 3-coat Whitford Eclipse coating which is top of the line professional grade non-stick coating.  We put in so much effort engineering the pan itself, it only make sense to coat it with the best non-stick coating.   It is a long lasting PFOA free teflon coating.

8. Does Turbo Pot work on electrical stove?

Turbo pots will work on electrical stove without the improvement that it brings to the gas stoves. It won't work on induction stove yet-but the induction ready version is in development.

9. What is the Turbo Pot referral program?

Once you are a customer, you can use your last name with first initial as discount code for your friends. 'FLast'  we will provide 10% discount for your friends who use your code, and you will be rewarded with 10% of the purchase as credit. Which is redeemable at the end of the calendar year.  Send email to [email protected] in December of the year to request redeem of the credits.


Turbo Pot is an all new high-quality cookware that heats up twice as fast as regular cookware - allowing you to save time, reduce your gas bill and preserve more nutrients in the food you cook.

The Turbo Pot is the winner of the prestigious Kitchen Innovation Award 2009 from the National Restaurant Assocciation.