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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this Turbo Pot on electric stovse?

While the Turbo Pot is designed to increase the contact area for the flame, it reduces the contact area for electric ranges, so it is not suitable for electric stoves.

2. Can I use the Turbo Pot for induction cooking?

The stainless steel and aluminum construction of the Turbo Pot is not suitable for induction cooking.

3. Will the fins on the base of the pot scratch the counter top?

Aluminum is a soft metal, it is softer than glass and granite countertops, so the chance of scratching the surface with an aluminum base Turbo Pot is lower than that of a conventional stainless steel pot.

4. Will spills be difficult to clean on the Turbo Pot?

Spills from cooking drips down the side, and it won’t go up in between the fins. So we generally find that it is easy to clean.

5. What is the Turbo Pot referral program?

Our Referral Program allows you to share a unique link, or special referral code, or simply your email address with friends and family to earn you a referral commission once your friends and family make a purchase of Turbo Pots.

When a friend signs up using your unique referral link, referral code or email address, they’ll receive a discount off their first order! Once they’ve received their order, you will receive a referral commission credit in your account. Win-win!

You are still required to pay any taxes and fees. These personal referral invitations are just that: personal and non-commercial. That means you can share your invitation link with people you know over email or on your own social media pages, but not on search engine marketing or other paid marketing sites.

6. How can I refer my friends?

You can show your friends that you bought a cool pot, if they have your email address, let them know they can simply use your email address as your referral code to get a discount buying the Pot online. Or you can find the referral link at the top of your order confirmations. If you are using our mobile app, the link can be found, and shared from, within your account settings. You can email the link to them, and then they can get the discount using the link

7. How much do I earn for a referral?

For a limited time, you'll receive 10% of the purchase price of orders placed by friends using your referral code, not just for first time they buy.

8. Does the credit expire? Are there any other terms and conditions?

No. Your credit wont expire. But if/when the referral program is modified in the future, the new credit earned may be subject to new terms and conditions.

9. What does my friend need to do for me to get the referral credit?

Your friend will need to make a purchase online using your referral code.

10. I've been referred by a friend. How much credit can I earn?

If you are referred by a friend, you'll receive a 15% discount on your first order.