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Smallware award by the Foodservice Equipment Reports on the Turbo Steam Dome

1st Sep 2015

Keep innovating is what Eneron does. We are happy to inform you that we won another Smallware Award from the Foodservice Equipment Report.

This magic steam dome allows the operator to generate steam from inside the dome lid for convenient cooking on a griddle hot plate. So far it has received favorable feedback from operators.

Perennial, the restaurant of the future

8th Dec 2015

The Perennial is the most ambitious and expensive project serial restaurateurs  Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz have undertaken. They have spent two years burrowing into the details of how it might work, which are almost too copious to list.  The couple are inventing a restaurant whose guiding principal is: “What would you do if the environment was the most important consideration?” Myint and Karen’s goal for Perennial is to be a blueprint for the entire industry, want cooks and farmers to take responsibility for the impact that food has on climate change, want the public to discover agricultural mechanisms for carbon capture — and perhaps new hope as well.

Perennial is using Turbo Pot cookware to help reduce their carbon footprint, and we’re super excited and humbled to be part of this movement!

Read the full article on the SF Chronicle - http://sfchron.cl/1Pn3d2U

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