Mark Wiens learns the country’s oldest running restaurant is powered by Turbo Pot!

The Turbo Pot team was stoked to see that one of Mark Wiens' latest episodes of his widely renowned food and travel vlog featured the oldest operating restaurant in the United States: the Union Oyster House.

Once the real cooking started, we were honored to discover that our professional Turbo Pot FlamePro Fry Pans were making a special appearance, pan searing shrimp, scallops and shellfish in the skilled hands of executive chef, Americo DiFronzo! As Mark says with beaming enthusiasm, “Oh woOow!

 Like Mark, we too have experienced the supreme joy of dining with Chef Rico at the Union Oyster House, where we were treated to a plethora of his sizzling, turbo-seared shellfish specialties. 


With over 40 years of experience, Chef Rico is an esteemed expert when it comes to New England seafood. And, in Massachusetts, he is a bit of an institution himself.

Besides being the executive chef of the oldest, continuously operating restaurant in the nation (since 1826!!!), he also holds the prestigious position of culinary instructor at Boston University School of Hospitality Administration.

Chef Rico is acclaimed by, and holds membership in, some of the most respected  professional chef associations in the US and the world - including the World Association of Chefs Society, the Les Aims d’Escoffier Society of Boston, Chaine des Rotisseurs, L’Ordre des Canardiers, Normandy, France and the Professional Associate of Italian Chefs, Milan, Italy.

Chef Rico explains some of the ways they have modernized the kitchen

Chef DiFronzo has been honored with some of America’s top awards—including ACF Northeast Region Hermann G. Rusch Chef’s Achievement Award—and has notably served as vice chair for the American Academy of Chefs (AAC), the American Culinary Federation’s (ACF) honor society for chefs.

Watch this exciting episode with over 1.7 million views and learn why Turbo Pot fry pans are top chefs’ first choice for helping seafood reach its full potential. It’s all about fast, HOT and even heating, with agility to spare.


Three cheers for Mark, Chef Rico, and the Union Oyster House team! Can’t wait to go back!!


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